WhatsApp Tricks and Hidden Features

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, offers a wide range of features that are sometimes unknown even to the most experienced users. From file transfer to privacy settings, to using the app on your computer. Let’s now explore how to make the most of  the best WhatsApp Tricks and Hidden Features.

WhatsApp Privacy Control

Privacy is a fundamental aspect of digital communication, especially in a messaging app like WhatsApp, where we share personal information. It is vital to control which data is visible to others. Here is a list of must know hidden features.

Managing Last Seen

By default, WhatsApp displays the timestamp of your last seen status to all your contacts. If you want to hide this information, go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen. Here, you can choose to show your last seen to “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” or “Nobody.”

Protecting Profile Picture

Your profile picture on WhatsApp is visible to everyone unless you change the settings. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile Picture. You can choose to show your picture to “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” or “Nobody.”

Controlling Info

The “Info” section of your WhatsApp profile can be used to share personal details or status updates. To manage who can see your info, go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Info. You can select “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” or “Nobody.”

Managing Status

WhatsApp Status allows you to share updates in the form of text, photos, or videos. To control who can see your status updates, go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Status. You can choose to share your status with “My Contacts,” “My Contacts Except…,” or “Only Share With…”.

Remember, protecting your privacy is your right. With these WhatsApp settings, you have full control over who can see your personal information. Utilize these options to make your WhatsApp experience secure and comfortable.

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Read Messages Without Leaving a Trace

Among the tricks and hidden features of WhatsApp, we find a trick that serves to disable a specific function of the app. One of the most recognizable features of WhatsApp is the read confirmation system, also known as “blue ticks.” But what if you want to read a message without letting the sender know that you have done so? Here’s a WhatsApp trick that will surely be useful to you.

The simplest method is to use the “Airplane Mode” on your smartphone. When you activate Airplane Mode, WhatsApp cannot synchronize data in real-time. Here’s how to proceed:

  1. As soon as you receive a message on WhatsApp that you want to read without leaving a trace, do not open it immediately.
  2. Afterwards, activate Airplane Mode on your smartphone. On Android, this option is usually accessible by swiping down the quick notification menu. On iPhone, you can activate Airplane Mode from the Control Center or Settings.
  3. Now that your phone is in Airplane Mode, open WhatsApp and read the message. Since you are offline, the ticks will remain gray on the sender’s side.
  4. Before disabling Airplane Mode, make sure to fully close the WhatsApp app. On Android, you can do this through the recent apps management button and then swiping away the app. On iPhone, you’ll need to double-click the Home button and then swipe away the app.
  5. After closing WhatsApp, you can now disable Airplane Mode. Since you read the message while offline and the app was closed before coming back online, the sender will not see the blue ticks.

As a result, this trick will allow you to read messages in secret. However, use it with caution because people might expect a response if they see that you are online but have not “read” their message.

Reply to WhatsApp Messages Without Opening the App

Some more WhatsApp Tricks and Hidden Features. Sometimes, to save time or simply for convenience, it can be useful to reply to WhatsApp messages without having to open the application. Fortunately, if you own an Android device, this functionality is available to you thanks to interactive notifications.

Here’s how the trick works:

  1. When you receive a WhatsApp message, a notification will appear on your phone’s screen. If your phone is locked, you may need to swipe down on the lock screen to view the notifications.
  2. In the WhatsApp notification, swipe down or, depending on your device, you may need to perform a small swipe to the right on the notification and then click on the button that appears.
  3. An option to Reply or Reply directly will be displayed. Click on it.
  4. Now, you can type your response directly in the text field that appears. When you’re done, press Send.
  5. Your reply will be sent without you ever having to open the WhatsApp app.


This trick is useful when you’re engaged in other activities on your phone or when you’re quickly responding to a message. However, remember that if you want to see the context of a conversation or reply to multiple messages, you will still need to open the WhatsApp app.

Additionally, if your privacy is important to you, make sure to disable message previews in your notification settings. This is because when you reply directly from a notification, it’s possible for people nearby to see parts of your conversation.

Use WhatsApp on your Computer

WhatsApp is not just an app for smartphones: with WhatsApp Web, you can use WhatsApp directly from your computer. This can be particularly useful if you’re working on your computer and don’t want to keep switching between your smartphone and computer to respond to messages.

Here’s how to use WhatsApp Web:

  1. On your computer, open your web browser and visit the website web.whatsapp.com.
  2. You will see a QR code on the screen. Keep it open on your computer.
  3. Now, open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  4. If you’re using an iPhone, tap on “Settings” at the bottom right, then select “WhatsApp Web/Desktop”. If you’re using an Android phone, tap the menu button (three vertical dots at the top right), then select “WhatsApp Web”.
  5. You will now see a button that says “Scan QR Code”. Tap on it, and the camera on your phone will open.
  6. Use the camera on your phone to scan the QR code displayed on your computer screen. Make sure to frame the QR code within the box on your phone screen.
  7. Once the QR code is scanned, WhatsApp Web will sync with your phone, and you will have access to all your messages and chats directly on your computer.


Good to remember, WhatsApp Web works only while your phone is connected to the internet, so make sure you have a stable internet connection. Also, for security reasons, it is recommended to log out of WhatsApp Web when you’re done using it, especially if you’re using a shared or public computer. You can do this by going back to the “WhatsApp Web/Desktop” settings on your phone and tapping on “Log out from all devices”.

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Transfer Files via WhatsApp

Here are some more WhatsApp tricks and hidden features that will definitely be helpful. One of these features is the ability to transfer larger-sized files that you may not be able to send via email. In addition to being an excellent communication tool, WhatsApp can also act as an effective file transfer channel. You can easily share documents, photos, videos, and even your location. Below are the steps to transfer different types of files:

Transfer Documents Feature

  1. Open the chat with the contact you want to send a document to.
  2. Tap the paperclip icon (usually located at the bottom right or top right, depending on the device).
  3. In the menu that appears, select “Document.”
  4. You will now be prompted to choose the document you want to send. You can choose from PDF files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and more.
  5. Once you have selected the document, tap “Send.”

Transfer Photos and Videos Feature

  1. Open the chat with the contact you want to send photos or videos to.
  2. Tap the paperclip icon.
  3. In the menu that appears, select “Gallery.”
  4. Now, you can choose the photos or videos you want to send. WhatsApp allows you to send multiple photos or videos at once.
  5. Once you have chosen the photos or videos, tap “Send.”

Share Location

  1. Open the chat with the contact you want to send your location to.
  2. Tap the paperclip icon.
  3. In the menu that appears, select “Location.”
  4. WhatsApp will show a map with your current location and other nearby locations. Tap “Send your current location” to send your exact location.
  5. If you want to share your location in real-time for a specific period, tap “Share live location” and choose the time interval.

Remember that the maximum file size that can be sent via WhatsApp is 100 MB. Also, for privacy reasons, make sure you are comfortable with sharing your location before using the location sharing feature.

Do you want to see another WhatsApp trick or feature? Keep reading the next paragraph.

Use Voice Messages on WhatsApp

A very useful trick is the us of the Voice messages on WhatsApp, which can be an excellent way to communicate quickly without having to type a message, or to share a story, a song, or anything else that requires a personal touch. Here’s how to use voice messages on WhatsApp:

  1. Open the chat with the contact you want to send a voice message to.
  2. In the message bar, you should see a microphone icon on the right. Hold down that button: the recording has now started.
  3. Continue holding down while you speak to record your message. If you release the microphone button, the recording will stop, and the voice message will be automatically sent.
  4. If you want to record a longer voice message without having to hold down the button, you can slide your finger upwards while holding down the microphone button. You will see a lock appear, and now you can release the button, and the recording will continue. You can stop the recording by tapping the stop button that appears.
  5. If you start recording a voice message but then change your mind, you can slide to the left to cancel the recording. The voice message will not be sent.

Voice messages can be a great communication tool, especially when typing may be inconvenient or when you want to express something that would be easier or more meaningful with your voice. However, remember that, as with any other message, you should always respect the other user and not send voice messages that may be inappropriate or unwanted.

Now you know some WhatsApp tricks and features that will make you use the app like a true expert.

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