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How to convert P7M files to PDF

This guide shows you how to convert P7M files to PDF.

A P7M file is essentially a container for documents to which a digital signature has been affixed in order to guarantee their origin and authenticity. Therefore, any document, after being digitally signed, becomes a P7M.

Some P7M files, such as electronic invoices, can be entirely converted into PDFs online.

Other documents require a slightly longer procedure involving the installation of specific software, but this allows any P7M to be converted into a PDF. However, don’t worry, it’s a few steps that will be explained to you.

Let’s start right away with the first solution on how to convert p7m files to Pdf.

How to convert electronic invoices from P7M to PDF online


The solution offered by MKT is specific to electronic invoices. In particular, it allows you to open files in XML and P7M format that contain an invoice but also to export the invoice in PDF format.

Usage is very simple and intuitive. You need to click on ‘Choose file‘ or directly drag the invoice file and choose the format. Then, after solving any Captcha, click on ‘Convert for free‘. To export the invoice in PDF format, click on ‘Print PDF‘ and save the file.  

fattura elettronica xml p7m convertitore on line mkt


Another service to directly convert electronic invoices from P7M to PDF is offered by the website xmlpatopdf. The unique feature of this service is that it was created specifically to convert XML and P7M files into PDF.

The conversion is very easy to perform. Once you have opened the main page of xmlpatopdf, you simply have to click in the green box to select the file you wish to convert. Alternatively, you can drag the file into the green box.

Before proceeding, however, you can choose in which format you want to view the invoice. You can choose between the standard format, the Assosoftware format, which are the most easily readable versions, or the version with the SDI Style Sheet.

Once you have chosen the version, you only need to click on the ‘Convert‘ button and the PDF file will be downloaded or previewed, depending on your browser settings.”

Converti p7m xmlpatopdf

If you have conversion needs for P7M files that do not contain electronic invoices, you can continue reading to discover solutions applicable to all P7M files.

How to convert P7M files to PDF online

If you want to convert digitally signed files in P7M format to a PDF file, the quickest way to do it is by using online tools.

The first thing you have to do is extract the file that is contained in the P7M. You have already seen in the previous paragraph how to do this for electronic invoices. For other files, you can use the following online tools.


The online tool is made available for free by Poste Italiane and is called Verificatore On Line. It works with any browser and operating system. No registration is needed, and it can be considered reliable.

The use of this tool is very easy and fast. Opening and extracting P7M files is easy.

First, you need to go to the Verificatore online page. Then you have to click on ‘Choose a signed file‘ and select the file you want to open and extract. Then click on ‘Verify‘.

At this point, a screen will open with all the information about the certificate listed. To download the original file, you have to scroll slightly to the top of the page, and you will find the ‘Document‘ button. Once clicked, the download of the extracted file will start shortly.

Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato (National Council of Notaries)

If the solution you have just seen is not available, then you might try the tool offered by the National Council of Notaries. It’s practically identical to Postecert. This service is also completely free, without the need for registration, and works from any browser and operating system.

To open P7M files, you have to go to the National Council of Notaries web page dedicated to the service. Once you have opened the page, you have to click on the ‘Choose a signed file‘ button. A window will open where you have to select the P7M file you want to open. Once the file is selected, you can leave the date blank and directly press the ‘Verify‘ button that you find below.

You will be shown a series of information related to the digital signature. 

At this point, to extract the document contained in the P7M, you simply have to click on the ‘Document‘ button, and you can then download it to your computer.

Have you extracted the file contained in the P7M? Perfect! You’re already well on your way!

Now if you want to convert your file to a PDF, you just have to use an online tool. For example, you can use the online document conversion via On this site, you can convert documents from jpg, word(.doc), PowerPoint(.ppt), Excel(.xls), and HTML formats to PDF.

The conversion is really easy. Just drag the file into the screen and press the ‘Convert to PDF’ button.

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How to convert P7M files to PDF with software 

The conversion of P7M using software can be distinguished into two phases. This solution is slightly more complex.

Extraction of the original file from the P7M file

As mentioned above, any file can have a digital signature applied, resulting in a P7M file. Therefore, you need to extract the original file from the P7M document. If you’re not interested in using the online tools you’ve seen above, then you can install a software called Dike GoSign Desktop, the program par excellence for signing and viewing digitally signed documents. Do you want to download Dike? Here is the link that sends you to the page dedicated to downloading the software.
Come estrarre i file originari da p7m - guidazero

Have you already installed Dike GoSign Desktop? Perfect! Now all you have to do is start the program and drag the P7M file that you want to view or extract into the ‘Verify‘ box, then click on ‘Extract‘ if you want to save the file, or on ‘View‘, to view the extracted original file.

Convert the original file to PDF

Have you managed to extract the original file? Great! You have one small step left to turn it into a PDF. 

There are many converters to transform the most common file formats into PDF. For example, you can use ilovepdf to convert a Word document to PDF and not only that. This assumes you have an internet connection and does not require you to have installed software to open the extracted files.

If, on the other hand, you do not want to use online tools, the solution proposed requires being able to open the extracted file to view it and then export it to PDF. So this solution requires the appropriate software to open the file. For example, if the original file is a Word document with a .doc format, you must have installed Microsoft Office package or Open Office (free).

Do you have the necessary software to open the file? Perfect! Let’s now look at a universal procedure for exporting any file format to PDF.

Print to PDF

Basically, everything rests on virtual printers such as Microsoft Print to PDF or doPDF. Microsoft Print to PDF is a Windows 10 function and consists of the pre-installed presence of a virtual printer that, instead of printing on paper, as normally happens, exports the content in PDF format. If your system is different from Windows 10 then you need to install doPDF, a free software similar to Microsoft Print to PDF, which you can download from this link. The export procedure is the same for both Microsoft Print to PDF and doPDF as both are solutions based on a virtual printer.

Let’s now look at the steps you need to follow to export with these two solutions in PDF format. The first step to do is to open the file to view the content. Then you need to go to the menus of the respective software and find the option to print.

The fundamental step is the selection of the printer. To export the file to PDF, you need to select Microsoft Print to PDF or doPDF and then select the folder where you want to save the PDF file. Finally, you need to confirm to complete the save.

Come stampare i p7m su pdf - guidazero

At this point, the file conversion is complete, and you can take advantage of the benefits of PDF files.

Now that you know how to convert a P7M files to PDF, you might be interested in knowing how to reduce the size of a PDF file. Then the guide on how to compress PDF files without installing software could be just what you need.


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